These 8 sessions were just the beginning, but even after this time, I can feel the impact of our work with Móni. Working on yourself is indeed hard, but the different steps, an objective perspective, and the weekly tasks all led to new realizations. For realizations, the fragments of thoughts, which were already in me, but the 8steps method helped me to realize them and turn them into action. I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone!

Real, strong, honest. A place where I was reborn, but not like in fairy tales. It was as if the self that had always existed in me had finally aligned. I’m pretty, but I haven’t gotten prettier. I became real, one with myself. Móni takes you on a journey that shows you what has always been there. Your own giant library, full of feelings, knowledge, wisdom, beauty, which is covered in dust for some reason. She asks the questions that you never dared to say out loud, yet she does it with such love and attention that you know it helps and takes you further. Every hour was a joy, even if there were tears. The peace I feel since then is priceless, and I also know that a bad day is not the end of the world if you live it and then let it go, even in the form of writing.

When I started the 8steps coaching program, I didn’t know exactly what I was getting myself into, but what I got exceeded all my expectations. Monika is a miracle! I just call her a white witch, you know, the good witch from fairy tales. 🙂 She got to my problems with incredible sensitivity, and we solved things that I didn’t even think we could. I left each meeting with a smile, even after discussing the most difficult topics. I recommend it to everyone who has issues to work on 🙂 And at the end of the 8steps program, the beauty day and the photoshoot are just the cherry on top.

She has given me so much during the 8steps program. I know that there were some things I might never have figured out if Móni hadn’t brought them to my attention. For that, I am forever grateful. The 8steps program can give everybody something extra, since we all have problems, and in the last 3 months Móni tried to help me find a solution with the utmost professionalism. And the last time was just fantastic, the little beauty day and the photoshoot at the end!!

My last 11 years, since I got into this music business, have been about how to be good for others. How can I help them on their way to prosperity, how can I lead them to success, how can I get the most out of them in each interview. Everyone else was important, except for one person – myself. In 2018, I already drew a line, and then I decided that I would finally start dealing with my own desires, my own dreams and finally stop worrying about what the outside world thinks of me and meet this kind of expectation. After completing the 8steps coaching method, I’m finally fine, I’ve started walk on a path that I feel is leading somewhere, and I’m not just stumbling around in the fog. I’m glad I found Móni in January, because I couldn’t have been in the hands of a better person. She brought out things, that I had no idea were hidden in me.

I completed the 8steps method. I can’t even describe in words, what this experience gave me. ✨ Móni gave me a little guide to myself, by which I can discover and understand all the little noises of my soul. I would recommend to everyone to complete the Monolôg Method. After all, everyone has difficulties, and it is not a weakness to ask for help because we feel lost in this big world. Móni was prepared very precisely every single time and I felt that she was listening and observing me with complete attention. She puts her heart and soul into it. I felt safe and immediately felt that: Yes, I am in the right place, here and now.

Hitting an invisible wall, I decided to give Móni and the Monolog 8steps Method a chance. I never dreamed that I would achieve such results: thanks to the creation of a safe space and the perfectly timed questions, I felt that I was improving from session to session and that I was able to connect with myself and the world step by step. My problems came into light and with the new perspective that Móni helped me acquire, I was able to break through the mentioned obstacles and my days became more balanced. The icing on the cake was the portrait session in the end, where I dared to face myself and thanks to the processes taking place inside me, pictures were taken, where for the first time in my life I saw myself beautiful.
I wholeheartedly recommend Móni to everyone, as not only the Monolog Method, but she herself is a miracle. PS: The coffee she makes is also a miracle!

Instead of magically solving my problems, Móni handed me the magic wand, with which we put together a little self-knowledge manual that I will use for a very long time. One #recognition every week, fun and sometimes difficult moments, but after every 8 sessions a new perspective. It wasn’t always easy and there were homework of a lifetime, but it was worth every minute. ✨

I completed the 8 steps program, which ended this week. I enjoyed it incredibly, I always looked forward to what the next occasion would bring. Móni pointed out a lot of things that I hadn’t figured out on my own before (I’m a brainy person anyway). I received a mindset from her, that will accompany me throughout my life and help me react well and process difficult situations. I learned to be in the moment, to love silence, to listen to my heart. I got rid of the remorse after eating and, most importantly, I overcame my inner anxiety. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this program and the opportunity to participate.😇

Embracing your best version is a choice.

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