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Enjoying life should be an essential part of our identity. Creativity, visuality and communication are amazing assets to help us express ourselves, either we choose to embrace it personally or professionally. Human soul is our main focus by using self-development, self-reflection, self-expression and self-care techniques to integrate beauty in life, while we balance heart and head at the same time. Our coaching experience goes back to 5 years already. Take a look at our consultations, sessions, activities and workshops to grow, to align with your intuition, make smart decisions, develop your creative processes and reach your goals.

Investing in yourself and in your team is the greatest decision you can make.


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available 1-ON-1 & WORKSHOP


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Real, strong, honest. A place where I was reborn, but not like in fairy tales. It was as if the self that had always existed in me had finally aligned. I’m pretty, but I haven’t gotten prettier. I became real, one with myself. Móni takes you on a journey that shows you what has always been there. Your own giant library, full of feelings, knowledge, wisdom, beauty, which is covered in dust for some reason. She asks the questions that you never dared to say out loud, yet she does it with such love and attention that you know it helps and takes you further. Every hour was a joy, even if there were tears. The peace I feel since then is priceless, and I also know that a bad day is not the end of the world if you live it and then let it go, even in the form of writing.