Getting to know yourself, your history, your actions, your needs and your feelings is key to an authenticly lived life. Tomorrow will always be tomorrow, and why waste one more day without getting align with yourself? Start today, because you deserve love, joy, acceptance in every second of your life. Use our Mirror/Work reflection techniques to deep dive, while enjoying your personalized self-love journey. Master silence, writing, time-management, manifesting, meditation and me-time rituals, all customized for your needs. Get to know more about how to work with gemstones, fragrances, artistic, creative and energizing activities.

Creating harmony in your everyday life, setting boundaries, managing stress, communicating assertively and putting your thoughts in action – on the 8STEPS coaching program, we are focusing on all of these to help you wake the connection up between your mind, body and soul.

Real, strong, honest. A place where I was reborn, but not like in fairy tales. It was as if the self that had always existed in me had finally aligned. I’m pretty, but I haven’t gotten prettier. I became real, one with myself. Móni takes you on a journey that shows you what has always been there. Your own giant library, full of feelings, knowledge, wisdom, beauty, which is covered in dust for some reason. She asks the questions that you never dared to say out loud, yet she does it with such love and attention that you know it helps and takes you further. Every hour was a joy, even if there were tears. The peace I feel since then is priceless, and I also know that a bad day is not the end of the world if you live it and then let it go, even in the form of writing.



8 x 60 mins 1:1 sessions
availability in-between
welcome gift

variable time-interval choices

8 weeks program 
8 months program
2 days intense workshop

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Embracing your best version is a choice.

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