Your strenghts and weaknesses represent a big % of your character. Acknowledging those treats or even accepting them is a huge part in your self-love journey. To get there, you need some Mirror/Work and real talk. But expressing your authentic self to others is just as important. Show, that you’re real! Being vulnerable and human is beautiful and brave. When you let your walls down, you immediately will shine. Remember: true beauty starts within, and that is what your environment will notice.

So when you are on our Portrait Session program, we start with a coaching session to open up your inner beauty. And on the portrait shoot you can embrace those feelings. Award-winning photographer, David Ajkai, is one of Hungary’s most talented artist, he is the best in capturing the soul of his subject.

Real, strong, honest. A place where I was reborn, but not like in fairy tales. It was as if the self that had always existed in me had finally aligned. I’m pretty, but I haven’t gotten prettier. I became real, one with myself. Móni takes you on a journey that shows you what has always been there. Your own giant library, full of feelings, knowledge, wisdom, beauty, which is covered in dust for some reason. She asks the questions that you never dared to say out loud, yet she does it with such love and attention that you know it helps and takes you further. Every hour was a joy, even if there were tears. The peace I feel since then is priceless, and I also know that a bad day is not the end of the world if you live it and then let it go, even in the form of writing.


takes around 2-3 hours

For further information and prices please contact.

Embracing your best version is a choice.

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