Find YOUR time. Self-care is very important to charge your energies back. It helps you to stay present. In order to be productive, you need to rest as well. We believe in beauty rutins and rituals, as it helps to connect your soul with your body, while you are taking care of yourself. Products will not solve your challenges, you do. But they are great tools in your hand if you know how to us them wise and well. Minimalism and consciousness is key.

So enjoy the Beauty & Brain Session with our founder, Monika Ajkai, and get to know more about natural products and beauty in another, mindful perspective. Let’s create your very own routines and rituals including your smart beauty bag to charge yourself back with self-love and care. Your skin will be grateful too.

If you signed up for our Portrait Session, beyond selecting a curated collection of premium products for you, we are delighted to provide guidance how to maximize their effects. Award-winning Photographer, David Ajkai will capture how bright you shine.

“Real, strong, honest. A place where I was reborn, but not like in fairy tales. It was as if the self that had always existed in me had finally aligned. I’m pretty, but I haven’t gotten prettier. I became real, one with myself. Móni takes you on a journey that shows you what has always been there. Your own giant library, full of feelings, knowledge, wisdom, beauty, which is covered in dust for some reason. She asks the questions that you never dared to say out loud, yet she does it with such love and attention that you know it helps and takes you further. Every hour was a joy, even if there were tears. The peace I feel since then is priceless, and I also know that a bad day is not the end of the world if you live it and then let it go, even in the form of writing.”


takes around 2-3 hours

For further information and prices please contact.

Embracing your best version is a choice.

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