We consider it our mission that, in addition to aesthetic values, the story behind is just as important to appear in the details, whether it’s about self-development or about building a brand.

Everyone has their own, authentic potential, and with a little help, everyone can embrace that and shine. We help to make your dreams come true and define your ideas about success, which leads to a better, happier, current version of yourself. And as you grow, so will your brand. That transformation is new, but also beautiful. And beautiful does not have to be empty. We are working to fill it with a meaningful message.


It’s more of a philosophy, where we believe that self-development can guide you towards your dreams, idea of success, and a better, happier, present version of yourself. And as you grow, this transformation has an impact on your whole life. Which means your brand will change with you too. And why not transform your outer with your inner? Do it with eye-pleasing and self-expressive aesthetic. Meaningful can meet beautiful and that is our goal to achieve.

The 8STEPS method is where holistic views meet reality. We integrate it and build in in your life and environment. Focusing on global transformation and creating the work-life balance for you or your team for a healthy and happy daily life. It only takes eight steps to follow, but you will need your consistency, love and patience. The 1st-to-7th steps are all about inner work, and the 8th step is about, how you put it all in action. Forget tomorrow. Ready to start today?


Our founder, Mónika Ajkai is a creative director and self-development coach. With 10+ years experience in the fashion industry both international and in the hungarian industry, her mission is to build a company to help the lives of artists, creatives, soul-support providers and develop meaningful yet aestheticly pleasing materials for fashion, beauty, luxury and lifestyle brands and magazines from a completely new and mindful approach. She always puts the human soul in focus.

“I was lucky enough to work with wonderful people, for publications and brands such as Vogue, Numéro, Harper’s Bazaar, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Authentic Beauty Concept and many more.”

She has been practicing self-development on a professional level for almost 5 years, which is how the creative and self-reflective part of MONOLÔG came together in her mind. She works to ensure, that in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and luxury brands, magazines and those, who work there, artists and creatives to live authenticly, embrace their best self and using their energies well, representing themselves, their brand, and live in a healthy work-life balance, while mixing deep meaning with a light appearance in personal- and business-wise.

“I believe in knowledge, in eternal development, and in its transmission. In deep-dive in the soul, in silence, in the unfold of the self. Style can be copied, but not the spirit. That is why being authentic is key. Go within, since creating is subjective, whether it is an artistic image, developing yourself or about the birth of a brand. And that’s the unrepeatable beauty of it.”

With MONOLÔG coaching and creative studio, Monika created a platform of services to help you bring your thoughts, dreams and feelings to the surface in a creative way and invent your unique visual communication and create a mindful system, when it comes to your life, your brand or self-brand.

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