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Aligning with your energies is key to an authentically lived life. With our own-developed 8STEPS method, we are providing you tools for life’s ups and downs. Step by step, you will know more about yourself, your own needs, your coping mechanisms and the boundaries you need to set. Achieve success defined by you and create your own kind of happiness.


Embracing work-life balance on the long run is essential for the members of the team. Defining the frames of work help to improve productivity and healthy environment. This is the key to a better flow and time-management skills. The 8STEPS method can guide you and your team to care, express and reflect behind a successful brand and embrace it visually as well.

We are building your skillset on a strong base, using self-development, self-reflection, self-expression and
self-care techniques, both on a personal and professional level. A truly transformative experience and a
prominent outcome for your mind, body and soul, tailored to your needs.

available opportunities

8 weeks program 
8 months program
8 hours program
(2 days intense)